Our affinity for Knú products began with their stylish line of pint-sized sustainable tables and chairs, and now that they’ve brought back the rockin’ Red Ball Rocker there’s even more to love. The Red Ball Rocker is a reproduction of an original 1964 design by Gloria Caranica. Knú‘s fresh, eco-friendly spinoff of the red ball design makes theirs the perfect mod rocker for stylish green kiddos.

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Knú‘s raw materials come from regional suppliers, located within close proximity to their plant. All adhesives used are water borne PVA adhesives, which contain zero VOCs, and finishes are HAPS (hazardous air pollutant) compliant.

Knú offsets 100% of their company’s electricity, natural gas, executive air travel and vehicle use through the purchase of  Green-E certified renewable energy certificates. Additionally, Knú helps preserve trees by opting not to send out paper catalogs, and selling exclusively from their website. A beautiful and fun eco-rocker from a great green company… that rocks.

+ Red Ball Rocker $265

+ Knú