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Get The Whole Family Building With Eco-Kids’ 100% Recycled Cardboard Block Set!

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Eco-kids [9], who has created some of the most heavily used paint [10], dough, and scribbling supplies [11] in our art cabinet, have added a new 100% recycled cardboard block set to their collection — which is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. This block set [12] comes complete with 2 extra-large boxes and 4 large, 8 medium and 16 small boxes. Little and big hands can work together to create skyscrapers, pig pens, castles, or whatever your tots are currently crazy for. The eco-blocks come in a reusable carrying case and are ready for play or for decorating (and redecorating) with some of the eco-paint [13] you probably already have on hand.

+Recycled Cardboard Building Block Set $44.99 [12]

+eco-kids [9]