Get your little one amped up for some fun nature adventures this summer with PlanToys’ new camping activity playset. The Camping Set includes plenty of goodies that your tot will be able to associate with the great outdoors including a tent, a camper, a cup, a kettle, a backpack, a guitar, a lantern, sleeping bag, a log, a fish, a tree, and of course the roaring campfire. Help your child get even more in touch with nature with the addition of the PlanToys Animal playset, a great accompaniment to the camping set, that includes some amazing animals! The animal set comes complete with an owl, a squirrel, a beaver, a deer, a rabbit, a fox, a bear, a fish, 4 timber logs, 2 trees, plus a fun mountain scene featuring a cave and waterfall. Both of these PlanToys playsets are made with safe, toxin-free PlanWood, so the toys never harm the environment they’re teaching your child about.

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+ PlanToys Camping Playset $20.99

+ PlanToys Animal Playset $19.79

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