The holidays are fast approaching, and in order to get ahead of the holiday-greeting-card-game you really need to start planning your holiday greeting cards now. Luckily, online digital printing sites like Modern Greetings make it easy to upload any chosen family photo into online pre-designed greeting card templates and get your personalized photo greeting cards all printed and sent in time for the holidays. Though it sounds easy, we all know picking the perfect photo can be a huge hurdle. Perhaps you’re scrolling through all of those countless family photos you’ve taken recently to find the one that people will “oooh and aaah” at the most. In my family, every picture taken throughout the year is a contender for the prized spot on “the Christmas card,” and thoughts of holiday greetings are never far from mind. Holiday greeting cards aren’t just something we think about once a year in our family. We now plan vacations and excursions around being able to take a picture for the Christmas card. (Okay, not really). My point is, we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to pick that gem of an image that will best illustrate our year and capture the essence of our family’s present-day. But to save you money and time, Modern Greetings is giving Inhabitots readers 20 FREE photos cards to get you started for the holidays!

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My mom and dad were constantly armed with a camera to capture myriad moments of my youth, from the mundane to the momentous. And with nearly every flash of the trusty Kodak, the words “this is going to be the Christmas card” were joyously proclaimed. One vivid memory from my childhood is from a family vacation in San Francisco. My dad was trying to get the perfect shot for that year’s Christmas card, and my brother, my two sisters and I had to stand as still as statues with plastered smiles against a backdrop of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean for what felt like hours. Wondering aloud through clenched teeth why he hadn’t taking our picture for ages, my dad announced, “I’m waiting for a bird to fly by.” We repeat that line to this day if it’s taking forever to snap a picture. And that shot, complete with the bird, did indeed make it to the coveted spot on that year’s holiday card.

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For as candid as my dad was with his on-the-fly style photography, my mom planned each annual holiday card photo session with meticulous precision. (Two households, two Christmas cards, double-whammy). Every November we could expect the decree of the date, time, and dress code for what would be the pristinely poised holiday photo that would grace the greeting card. The wardrobe was always the star of the shot. One year we all donned head-to-toe denim and Bolo ties as accessories, the next, blindingly white Bermuda shorts and solid, candy colored T-shirts from the Gap, and of course we have the infamous photo of all of us decked out in our crazy holiday sweaters that were super cool at the time. Cut to present day — I have my own children, and my mom was just in town for a visit. Lo and behold, she chased my son and daughter around all weekend with her camera so she could get an ideal picture for her holiday card. Nothing has changed.

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Given all this hoopla, you can imagine that once we nab the winning holiday greeting photo shot, we need a stellar (and simple) way to showcase it. This year I’m turning to Modern Greetings to do the rest. enables me to design beautiful, custom photo holiday cards in just a few easy mouse clicks. They offer a vast array of festive photo card options to suit everyone’s taste — from understated and elegant, classic or contemporary, playful and whimsical to bold and ornate, you simply upload your family’s photo to create a one-of-a-kind card that will impress your card recipients! All you need to do is choose the card design you like best, drag and drop your photo into the template using Modern Greeting’s custom design tool, select the type of paper you’d like, personalize the card with your family’s name and greeting, select the quantity of cards you’d like, and then order them up. Modern Greetings even offers holiday greeting card designs that feature multiple photos in the event you can’t pick just one favorite photo and want to showcase a collage of pictures. To make this even sweeter, Modern Greetings is giving Inhabitots readers 20 FREE custom photo holiday cards on their site! Now how can you turn down a deal like that?

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Recently, a dear elderly friend of the family mailed me a stack of Christmas cards she had received from my mother over the past 30 years. She had lovingly saved each card for whatever reason, and wanted me to have them for posterity. Looking back at all of the hilarious outfits, hairstyles and phases of our youth was a real trip down memory lane. It warms my heart to think that one day my kids will be able to look back on all of their holiday photo cards with nostalgia and fond memories as well.

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