Kids everywhere will love this enormous birdsnest-inspired bed, a playful design where children can curl and up and drift off into dreamland! Designed by O*GE CreativeGroup, the bed is an awesome place to play with friends or nestle down and listen to a story. The design team named it a “Giant Birdsnest for creating new ideas.” So move over castle and car-themed beds! The quirky Giant Birdsnest bed not only looks comfy, but also it’s amazingly cool and big enough for a co-sleeping family to share!

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Available in various sizes, O*GE say the largest of the nest beds could accommodate up to 16 people and is a whopping 4.5 meters wide! The Giant Birdsnest could be the perfect space for a small kids party, and the best bit is that if anyone gets too tired from so much fun and games, they can just get cozy and doze off within their giant nest-like sanctuary.

Because of the biggest birdsnest size, it could also make the perfect family bed for co-sleeping with toddlers. The more room you have, the better for the little bed-hogging tots who like to take up more room than the adults!

While the Giant Birdsnest is only a concept now and not available for sale, it’s worth dreaming about!

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Images courtesy of O*GE CreativeGroup