The artist describes his Two Story with Basement: “To my eyes, patterns of decay find a more pleasing path than an untouched object. A roof collapsed by the weight of snow, side shingles ripped by the force of winds, substructures rotting, insects and weather gnawing the exposed surfaces. I can picture those windy days where a shingle flies off. Or the sudden creaking, cracking and burst of tinder giving way under snow’s heavy hand.”

Doyle’s Three Story Victorian with Tree was the second house he built in his original series. It measures 5′ x 3′ x 2′, and is made up of between 50,000 to 60,000 LEGO pieces. This masterpiece took Doyle about 450 hours to build.

More than just models, Doyle’s creations are a representation of life’s lessons. He offers, “…of particular interest to me in this work is the notion of broken trust and faith. Foundations give way. Permanence transmutes into fragility. Our safe havens betray us.”

Learn more about the mastermind behind these towering creations. Here’s an interview with Mike Doyle on Brick by Brick.

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