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Architect Taylor Cullity Lethlean designed the Pod Playground as a means to stimulate children through creativity, make believe, and social play. Borrowing shapes and specimens from the nearby forest, the playground also teaches children about the beauty of nature.

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The exaggerated scale of the acorn play stations creates larger than life adventures for children, who can simultaneously imagine themselves in a bug’s eye view as they sit in one of the Pinus macrocarpus timber battens and red cedar- clad seeds. Inside the acorn structures, kids will find a slew of things to promote play: thunder sound panels, wind chimes, kaleidoscopes, ladders, rope tunnels, twisty slides, climbing walls, poles to slide down and portholes to peer out of.

The native Banksia seed pod was the inspiration for six huts on the ground that kids can enter and gather in. The grounds of the playground round out the fun with sound areas with drums and chimes, a bird’s nest swing set and a story telling tree.

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