In a country far, far away… Japanese soldiers created the biggest Star Wars installation out of snow that anyone has ever seen. As part of the 67th annual Sapporo Snow Festival, members of the Japanese army from Hokkaido took on the ambitious task of creating the Star Wars tribute, complete with Darth Vader, a trio of Stormtroopers, and a few TIE-fighters and part of the Death Star in the background. “Snow Star Wars” took almost a month to build, using several bulldozers and 3,500 tons of snow! Built using scaffolding and crafted in stages, the soldiers apparently view the sculpture as a training exercise. “Snow Star Wars” looked awesome all the time, but lit up at night, the creation was especially impressive and ominous. At nearly 50 feet in height and over 75 feet wide, the installation was one of the highlights of the Snow Festival’s 200 ice and snow sculptures and an aptly super-sized creation for one of the world’s biggest movies in history. Creating ginormous sculptures in Japan seems to be a bit of a tradition; in the summer, artists make rice-straw creatures for a park.

via Lost at E Minor

Images © LucasFilm Ltd