‘Tis the season for gum drops and frosting, which is why we are happy to announce the Bake For A Change Gingerbread House Competition. Challenging participants to concoct the eco-friendliest house with all the sustainable fixins’, organizers Terry* Project hopes to engage both design professionals and onlookers in a discussion about environmental issues that surround residential homes. To enter the contest, Terry* simply asks you to bake and construct a gingerbread house with “green” mindedness. Entrants will be judged both on its sustainability factor as well as its construction and appeal. The deadline for all entries is December 31, 2008. More details after the jump.

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Here are the contest rules:

1. Everything must be edible.

2. There must be at least FOUR identifiable sustainable building design elements.

3. Your design must include a minimum of a floor, a door, four walls, a roof, and two windows.

And how to submit:

1. Upload a maximum of FOUR photos to Flickr. Please name your images “firstname_lastname_image#”.

2. Or, EMAIL us a maximum of FOUR photos (in .jpeg format, each under 2 MB). Subject line: “Bake for a Change 2008 Entry”. Email: [email protected]

Also, send a brief (< 300 words) description of how it all works.

Shown above and below is last year’s first place winner which came with a green roof, solar photovoltaic panels, rainwater harvesting pump, and more! No need to fret, there will be prizes for first place, second place, and third place. Happy Baking!

+ Bake For A Change

+ Terry* Project