Kids: you’re never too young to make a difference, or to become a comic superhero. When a superhero-loving 11 year-old girl recently wrote to a comics giant asking for more female superheroes, she received a surprisingly positive response and plenty of kudos for speaking her mind. An avid fan of comics and superhero cartoons since a young age, Rowan Hansen noticed a current state of gender inequality that many (far older) media experts have also pointed out, arguing that there are far fewer female superheroes and also that these existing female superheroes get less attention.

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For example, while there are plenty of TV shows and movies starring male superheroes such as DC Comics’ Superman and Batman, the same media opportunities for female superheroes such as Hawk Girl are basically nonexistent. So Rowan wrote to DC Comics to plead for more female representation among the comics giant’s character repertoire, citing that many people (including herself) would enjoy shows, books, comics, and movies featuring female superheroes. Rowan’s dad posted her letter online, where it quickly went viral, garnering praise and support from fellow like-minded superkids. DC Comics responded with the reassurance that they are trying to create more superheroes for girls and that several media projects are in the works for characters including Wonder Woman and Supergirl. We don’t expect Rowan to be completely appeased just yet; she has also pointed out that while Batman gets to wear armor, Wonder Woman is stuck basically running around in a bathing suit. In the meantime, she has raised important concerns and gathered a growing audience for girl power in the comics world. Fittingly, DC Comics made the budding gender equality rights activist into her own superhero. Not bad for a 5th grader!

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