We love presents that give back, we love gifts that get our kids involved in crafts, and we especially love when forces align to create an activity/present that also helps others in need. Such is the case with KidKnits which was founded by Ellie, a young knitter who wanted to figure out a way to help others across the world when she was only 9 years-old! After learning about a group of women in Rwanda who raise sheep and spin their wool into yarn, Ellie and her entrepreneurial parents decided to make and sell knitting craft kits using the yarn made by the Rwandan women. Now 14, Ellie’s non-profit operation helps support 35 women in Rwanda, and she has expanded to also helping provide income for 16 women in Chile.

KidKnits, hats, knitting kits, craft

KidKnits kits, which contain yarn for hats in a variety of sizes and also include an option for a “Me and My Doll” hat kit, come with a round loom, a knitting hook, a needle, a hand-sewn carrying bag, a gift tag, and a KidKnits logo tag that was crafted from recycled scrap metal in Kenya. The yarns are soft and come in a gorgeous array of colors, many of them dyed using local flowers or leaves. KidKnits also sells pre-made hats using their yarns as well as balls of yarn. We have a feeling once your kiddos start knitting, they’ll catch the bug and will want to keep crafting, so we recommend stocking up on a variety of colors of these hand-spun beauties.

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Addressing global poverty and how to make a difference with children can be overwhelming, but KidKnits makes the concept of charitable outreach more accessible. Supporting KidKnits provides women living in poverty or who have had barriers to employment with a steady income — and also enables many of them to work from their home or in a way that best fits their lifestyle. For teachers, KidKnits could become a fun, educational, philanthropic class activity. KidKnits has downloadable modules to introduce kids to ideas about global leadership as well as a workbook with thoughtful and hands-on activities.

KidKnits, hats, knitting kits, craft

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