With regard to creating Merfins, Kazzie Mahina says, “My dream of being a mermaid became a reality, it then became my dream to see every little girl’s dream come true. It is my hope that the MerFins will inspire children to make beautiful waves with their MerFins and their hearts… and be an example that anything your heart believes in can come true.” Mahina believes that “mermaiding” also promotes an affinity for the ocean and sea life, which in turn will help create the conservationists of today and tomorrow.

Merfins are made of soft, flexible, recycled rubber and may be used as a pool toy, a snorkeling fin, or a swimming device for fitness. They are offered in hues of coral pink and aqua marine and come in sizes extra small to large. With one flick of the ankle strap, the MerFin may be removed, and the legs may move independently again. Always remember, as with any pool toy or water activity, adult supervision is required at all times.

+ MerFins $130-$139

+ Mahina Mermaid