Everyone knows that building blocks make fun educational toys for children, but what if block-toys like Legos could extend their life beyond just playtime and provide household use value as well? Glide’s illuminated LED blocks takes the ‘smart toy’ concept to the next level by imbuing their building blocks with LED lights: creating a combination toy / lamp that is as useful as a room illumination as it is fun to play with. These ‘Legos of the lighting world’ are safe, low-power, cool-to-the-touch, and function equally well as a child’s nightlight or a chic living room accent light.

Composed of resin cubes that lock together with a simple key mechanism, each set of TwistTogether lamps can be configured in a wide variety of shapes and arrangements. Purchase more TwistTogether lamps and the creative possibilities multiply. Conceived by Brooklyn design studio Glide, TwistTogether lamps come in two color palettes: ‘Chocolate’ – composed of sophisticated browns and neutrals, and the more garish (but probably more kid-friendly) ‘Candy’ color palette, made up of bright primary colors.

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LED technology means the light blocks never get hot, consume less power than a nightlight, and will last forever (or at least until your kids grow up). What could be better than that?

$104 from Velocity Art & Design

+ Glide-Inc