If you’re committing to breastfeeding, you deserve nursing pads that are stylish, more comfortable than disposables, and eco-friendly. However, most are so ho hum. Why not add a spark of fun to this breastfeeding business – trust us, when you’re exhausted from caring for a newborn, even the littlest perks can make a difference! Glitzy Gals Washable Nursing Pads are cheery, reusable, comfortable and made with a stylish designer 100% cotton top layer. The interior and bottom layers of the pad are lined with absorbent, eco-friendly baby bamboo; an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, deodorizing fabric that naturally wicks breast milk from the skin.

+ Glitzy Gals Washable Nursing Pads $19.95 for 3 sets(in Boho Chic, Baby Bamboo, Avocado Damask, and Natural

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