Got kiddos who would like to paint their faces this Halloween? Need a safer face paint solution for birthday parties? Skip the scary ingredients inherent in nearly all face paint options on the market and opt for Glob face paints. Glob has got your kids faces covered, so to speak, with their new brightly colored, safe face paint collection. Glob’s natural face paint pack come in a palette of  hues that can be mixed to create new colors — all of which are made with certified organic ingredients. These face paints are free of artificial dyes and harsh chemicals and they’re safe for both body and facial applications. Paints are also titanium dioxide free, paraben free, non-nano, petro-chemical-free, talc-free, cruelty-free and made in the USA using botanical extracts like beetroot and tumeric. The paints come in minimal packaging and you get a handy bamboo applicator too. Additionally, check out our guide to safer, less toxic cosmetics to find some great face painting options. And learn how to make homemade face paints here.

+ Natural Face Paints $16.00

+ Glob