About GoGreenGames

Of course, if your little one isn’t ready for 3D tic tac toe, there’s a traditional version available too, as shown above. GoGreenGames was founded upon the belief that you can have fun while still contributing to a greater environmental goal. The company was started by Peter Toomey after he realized the need for safe durable games that can be enjoyed and left in the elements without fear of ruin. With this in mind, he set out to locate eco-friendly materials to build his games with.

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GoGreenGames makes their games with composite recycled materials (50/50 blend of recycled wood fibers and plastics) that are stable and much less likely to warp, discolor or splinter than other materials. These are games that are durable enough to be left outside yet are still attractive enough to be displayed on a coffee table. Various natural-minded composite colors are used for these games such as Cape Cod Gray, Earthtone, Rustic Cedar, Seasoned Mahogany, Terracotta and Desert Sand.

+ Checkers $89.95

All-Ages Fun

GoGreenGames offers a little something for every game player, from your youngest child to mom and dad. For example, older kids and adults will love Washers, a popular tailgate party and picnic game, while the entire family (young or old) will enjoy games like Texas Towers, GoGreenGame’s version of a popular stacking game. The goal of this game is to remove one piece at a time from the lower level and stack it atop the tower. Knocking over this tower means you lose.

+ Washers $125.00

+ Texas Towers $74.95

Long Lasting

Unlike store-bought games made of cardboard or fake wood, GoGreenGames products last and last – maybe a lifetime. The games stand up to rot, decay and delamination, even if your child accidentially leaves a game outside in the elements. But, just in case, each game is backed up by a limited lifetime warranty.

+ Dominoes $49.95

Eco-minded Gifts

GoGreenGames allow you to make a positive impact as you have fun. Due to the composite materials, approximately 31 plastic bags are removed from the environment for each pound of a GoGreenGames game created. Because you can take these games outside, they encourage your kid away from screens and help them get back to nature. Some GoGreenGames, such as Horseshoes, specifically encourage outdoor play and teamwork. Any one of these greener games makes a great gift for a child or an adult.

+ Horseshoes $49.95

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