Girl brain power! Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine, the clever creation of Debbie Sterling, Stanford grad and female engineer, came as the result of a true-to-life problem. Sterling pursued her eventual engineering career path only after learning it existed during her last year in high school, and she was floored to learn that only 10% of engineers in the United States are women! Designed to make basic engineering concepts more accessible to girls (and to serve as a respite from the pinkified princess-geared goods that dominate the toy market), Sterling created Goldie Blox, a construction kit and book combo that builds on girls’ natural love of reading and allows them to explore the world of basic engineering and constructing.

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The first Goldie Blox set gives girls the chance to build a spinning machine to help Goldie’s dog chase its tail. The set introduces little builders to creating a belt drive for spinning fun, and it includes a pegboard, axles, cranks, washers, and charming figurines like a sloth and a tutu-wearing dolphin. Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine is our favorite kind of toy. It’s active, encourages exploration into new interests, and it will help girls build skills not found in the typical female-focused toy world of dress-up and doll-playing.

Since Goldie Blox has a focus on a bright future for our kids, we hope that Sterling and her team find a way to produce future editions of their toys in a sustainable fashion. When we inquired as to what materials comprise their product they replied, “As for the materials, we use the safest, non-PVC plastic on the market for our construction toy. We tried exploring alternative materials such as wood, metal and recycled plastic, but none of those materials were suitable for the capabilities of our construction toy.” Here’s hoping they find an eco alternative, because we really love Goldie Blox and the designer’s mission.

For ages 5 and up. Estimated shipping date is April 2013.

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