Have no fear — Goldie is here! In just a few years, female-focused company GoldieBlox has become a darling of the retail world. Started by a female engineer who wanted to inspire other girls to see engineering and STEM as a possibility for their future, GoldieBlox is now venturing into the world of the female action figure. We certainly wouldn’t expect your run-of-the-mill, anatomically incorrect, Barbie-wannabes from GoldieBlox, and the company’s doll (aptly named Goldie) doesn’t disappoint. Unlike the stiff, barely moveable dolls that pervade the toy store shelves, Goldie is designed to be a mover and a shaker, as evidenced by her zipline.

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Each set features a doll with articulated shoulders, joints, and knees, along with specially designed hands and feet that actually look like they are made for action instead of fashion. Focusing on the engineering concept of suspension, the set also includes the makings of the zipline as well as relevant accessories such as a miniature tool belt and wrench. Plus, all the pieces in the zipline action figure set are compatible with the other GoldieBlox toy sets as well! From humble Kickstarter beginnings to numerous, award-winning toy sets to controversial (and copyright-infringing) videos, GoldieBlox has taken on the task of making, building, constructing, problem solving, and giving girls a female role model to look up to. The Goldie action figure is a fresh, fun, energetic girl on the go and much more than just a pretty face!

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And naturally, GoldieBlox has a cool, eyebrow-raising and thought-provoking video to accompany their product launch, as seen below:

+ GoldieBlox Ziplining Action Figure $24.99

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