Babies grow at different rates throughout the first 2 years and can even go through 7 different sizes. Some babies skip sizes and some stay the same size for 4+ months which can make buying clothes ahead of the time very costly and wasteful. The EPA estimates the average person throws away 68 pounds of clothing per year! Not only are clothes piling up in landfills, they have a high impact on the planet from production, materials used, transportation, and even washing. Want a solution for reducing, reusing, and recycling baby clothes? Check out the new “exchange as they grow” subscription program called Good Karma. You can exchange baby clothes for every growth spurt up to 24 months.

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You subscribe to the monthly Good Karma service to get 7 outfits at a time. They come ready to wear, washed in eco-friendly detergent. You then mail back the clothing in a pre-paid shipping bag when your baby hits a growth spurt and needs the next size up or when you’d like a different style. You can even mail back some of your personal gently used clothing for a store credit, though they don’t guarantee they will buy the outfits.

Good Karma receives all of their clothing from donations, fundraisers, and sometimes directly through the designers. The clothing is acquired new or gently used. After the clothing is returned, it is inspected and if it is in good condition, it is reused. All clothing that is not reusable is recycled and upcycled into bibs, quilts, or other items.

There are multiple subscription options starting at $19.99-$97.99. Good Karma has a nighttime wear option, every day wear, better bundle with name brands, and they will soon have a boutique option. They also have wardrobe bundles so you can get every day wear, nighttime wear, and onesies.

+ Good Karma $19.99-$97.99

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