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The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) recently completed a trial breastfeeding support project with Google Glass. With the intention of helping new moms learn better breastfeeding skills, the project employed wearable computer Google Glass to support nursing mothers. During the Google Glass trial, the device‚Äôs camera was used to film babies as they were breastfeeding and moms involved could contact an ABA breastfeeding counselor through the Google Glass device. When a mom contacted an ABA counselor, images of the breastfeeding babe were streamed right to them, so they could see exactly what the mom was seeing and thus, help solve any problems. When asked later how it went,¬†mothers said the technology was particularly useful because the counselors could observe the baby during a feeding, which can clearly help detect a problem better than when a mom simply tries to explain a breastfeeding issue without a visual example. ABA will be further exploring the concept of using video calls/real time chats in order to provide better breastfeeding support. We applaud breastfeeding resources and encouragement, but as innovative as this idea is, at ¬†$1,500 a pop, it’s unlikely Google Glass will catch on as a real breastfeeding support option, especially once parents realize they’d be better off saving that cash for diapers, food and college. If you need logical, low-tech breastfeeding support ask your midwife or doctor to recommend a good lactation consultant or contact¬†La Leche League.

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