Gordon Bennett’s trash-to-treasure robots were recently on display at the Paul Smith storefront on 5th Ave in lower Manhattan. Meant to intrigue passers-by rather than sell tailored shirts, the temporary installation was a fantastic addition to the store’s ‘outsider art’ series. Gordon Bennett hails from Brooklyn, and his sculptural robots are a mixture of found objects and newly acquired fixtures – just don’t let the robots get wind of that. Each stands regally (some up to 3 feet tall) awaiting that moment when an inquisitive imagination saves them from a life of stasis by animating them.

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Mr. Bennett’s website plays it safe by stating that the one-of-a-kind, numbered and tagged pieces are not toys. And while the price point also assures this, try explaining that fact to the young sci-fi enthusiast who just happened to be browsing Bennett’s website while dad sourced information for this post: “What do you mean they’re not toys?”

The robots range in price from $900 to $4,800 and are available at the City Foundry or through the Bennett Robot Works website – “Wait, $3,500? I think it’s totally worth it!” A snazzy 24”X36” robot poster (call it a consolatory purchase) is available for $50 and is also totally worth it.

+ Bennett Robot Works