Graduating from high school seems like a far off and distant dream to kids in elementary school — even if their parents know the time will go by in the blink of an eye. One Texas school began a unique tradition this year to bring students in elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school together, encouraging its graduating seniors to reflect on their career as students while giving younger kids a goal to aspire to. Known as the Senior Walk, the Van ISD event took capped-and-gowned seniors through the halls of the school’s campuses where younger students waited anxiously for high fives and with cheers and words of encouragement. Some of the graduating seniors had attended Van ISD for all thirteen years of their education, with one student reflecting, “It was a nice reminder of where we’ve come from.” Teens (especially those about to enter college) can be jaded about high school. The Senior Walk allows them to feel proud of their accomplishments, and it reminds them of the youthful energy of children just beginning their education. The Walk also encourages teens to view themselves as role models to the school’s next generation. We hope this tradition catches on in other schools quickly. Every graduating senior deserves to be proud of his or her hard work and every younger child deserves a good example to follow. Now if you’ll excuse us — while looking at these pictures and imagining our own little ones graduating from high school, we must have gotten a little something in our eyes.

Images via ISD’s Facebook