As you check off your list of fall activities, including the obligatory family visit to the pumpkin patch, don’t forget to plan and prepare for the all-important day of carving! Whether you have a family full of veteran Jack-O-Lantern artists, or simply want a fun hands-on activity to do with the kids, Grampa Bardeen’s Pumpkin Carving Set offers easy-to-use tools that are safe for everyone. The small saws, covered in Teflon and recycled PET plastic are safer than kitchen knives and make carving a cinch.

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Locally made in the USA, Grampa Bardeen’s set is comprised of 18 tools. Each kit is stocked with 10 saws, 2 bottom cutters, 4 general, 4 detail, 3 drills, 3 steel-tipped poking tools and 2 scoops, that fit into form-fitted trays for safe keeping.

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Tools are also dishwasher safe and come with a lifetime guarantee and a special box to keep and store for years to come.

The kit also includes carving instructions and tips passed down from the Bardeen Family. Grab your very own Grampa Bardeen’s Pumpkin Carving Set for $44.95 just in time for Halloween festivities.

+ Grampa Bardeen’s Pumpkin Carving Set, $44.95

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Images via Grampa Bardeen’s Facebook Page