Sometimes the efforts of green parenting could benefit from a few guffaws, so have your babe wear Wry Baby’s tongue-in-cheek, eco-printed onesies. They deliver lighthearted laughs alongside light footprint reminders. Cheeky logos include: “Thanks for all the Global Warming” and “Ask me about my compost pile.” And you’ve got to see this onesie’s logo, based on hairy armpits for yourself.

One of the site’s founders says, “Wry Baby’s organic baby clothes are as organic as organic baby clothes can get. Each piece is made from 100% SKAL certified organic yarns and threads… Which means the crunchy, organic minds at Wry Baby are bringing you some of the most organically sustainable laughs on the planet.”

Makes changing cloth diapers all the more bearable.

+ Wrybaby Organic Onesies $27