Breastfeeding moms know that when it comes to finding a fashionable and flattering nursing bra, the pickings are rather slim. Most nursing bras look extremely matronly, or fit in a way that causes breasts to look strange. With regard to the few appealing nursing bras available, many are uncomfortable, or don’t open easily with one hand, rendering them impractical, or even impossible to use for their intended purpose. Elle Macpherson has, thankfully, designed a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, feminine nursing bra, which has restored my faith in the lingerie industry. Her lacy La Mere and Maternelle nursing bras are proof that moms can now be sexy and stylish in their breastfeeding endeavors.

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The La Mere bra seen in the above two photos, is ultra ladylike, designed with lace and a ribbon detail. It features an easy to open snap and cups that are lined with luxuriously soft fabric – so the lace does not cause any itching or discomfort. This bra is sure to lift the spirits of any nursing mom by making her feel beautiful.

The Maternelle bra, shown above, fits exquisitely, and has a very nice contour, comparable to a great T-shirt bra. This is the best nursing bra I have ever seen for shapeliness. There is no drooping or sagging, and everything stays in its place when wearing this bra. The Maternelle bra is available in several colors, including the perfect essential shade, ‘nude.’ If you’ve been dissatisfied with matronly, ill-fitting, or odd-looking nursing bras in the past, the Maternelle is the ideal solution to all of these issues.

Elle Macpherson nursing bras aren’t made with organic materials, but they are fantastic nursing bras due to their great style, feminine charm, and design. Breastfeeding is an eco-friendly choice, so treat yourself to the Maternelle and La Mere nursing bras.

+ La Mere Bra $62.00
+ Maternelle Bra $55.00

Elle Macpherson photo credit: AP/Peter Kramer