Naturally Fun Parties for Kids by Anni Daulter offers ideas and themes for 16 parties, 4 for each season. Each party is inspired by nature, but cost effective as well. Plus, no matter the type of party you plan, this book will help you utilize recycling and other sustainable practices, but still have loads of fun in the process. On top of this, there are party ideas for everyone, both boys and girls and for every personality. In fact, one of the coolest things about this book is that many of these parties are even suitable for adults and offer excellent ideas for a baby shower or adult birthday. Some of the fabulous party ideas in this book include:

  • All-natural spa party
  • Pancake P.J. party
  • Knights and dragon quest party
  • Wild girls tepee party
  • Upcycle art party
  • Strawberry picking and jam making party
  • Forest faerie dress-up party
  • Community cooking party
  • And more!


Party Planning Ease

At first, looking at all the beautiful images in this book, you might think, “I could never throw a party as nice as this!” But have some faith. Each party idea is carefully laid out as shown above in the Gratitude Birthday Party layout. Each party covers about six to seven pages. On the first page of each party theme, the projects and material list is carefully explained. There’s also a handy timeline included so you’ll know what to do when. On the next few pages you’ll learn step-by-step how to make the invitations and decorations, plus how to set the scene, including how to pick a location, set the table beautifully and more. Step-by-step party activities and delicious party food recipes are also included. Due to detailed, yet easy and adjustable party directions, Naturally Fun Parties means you really can throw a more amazing party then you ever thought possible.

Natural Beauty

Each party theme is packed with ideas for party decor and activities that utilize and celebrates the natural world. Some nature-minded ideas offered in this book include:

  • Beautiful and fresh in season flowers for all sorts of decor.
  • Sea glass and shells for fun and decor.
  • Mini pumpkin shells used for soup bowls.
  • Faerie dwellings made with found nature objects including acorns, feathers, pebbles and more.
  • Fresh greens and herbs for a smile booth.
  • Fresh fruit centerpieces.
  • Smooth stones for games of tic-tac-toe
  • And more.


Fun Activities

Activities in this book are well thought out, but also flexible. Some activities are more organized such as the sack races and pancake decorating in the P.J. pancake party, while other party activities are bit less formal, allowing for active imaginative play. For example, in the wild girls tepee party, activity plans include making, “Sure there is room for the girls to run wild!” In all cases, the activity ideas fit the various party themes nicely and actually seem like they’d be fun for kids of all ages. Some of the creative party activities offered in this book include:

  • Spring egg-dying with all-natural colors.
  • Sea glass hunt and jewelry making.
  • Making watercolor blessings.
  • Designing salted dough ornaments.
  • A knightly dragon quest.
  • Chocolate facials and rose petal foot soaks.
  • Gratitude treasure hunt – a unique twist on an old favorite.
  • Making recycled rainbow crayons.
  • Dress-up games.
  • Designing personalized faerie dwellings.
  • And much more…

Delicious & Healthy Treats

If you’re familiar with Naturally Fun Parties author, Anni Daulter, then you’re probably thinking, “I’ll bet there are some amazing new recipes in this book,” and you’d be right. Anni’s previous books, including The Organic family Cookbook, Ice Pop Joy and others are packed with healthy and creative food ideas for kids, as is this book. While Naturally Fun Parties doesn’t shy away from treats, it does show you how it’s possible to serve kids healthy food at a party, without loosing that fun aspect. There’s a major focus on seasonal and fresh food in this book along with vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes (a good mix). Some of the many delicious, organic and healthy recipes offered include:

  • Dutch oven apple-berry cobbler (shown above).
  • Garden cooler lemon-mint ice pops.
  • Veggie chips.
  • Grilled flatbread pizza.
  • Sweet and savory panini.
  • Ginger spiced acorn cookies.
  • Cheesy potato soup with honeyed walnuts.
  • Whole wheat sour cream pancakes with blackberry agave syrup.
  • Heart shaped cherry pie pops.
  • Roasted summer carrots.
  • Dragon soup! – No worries vegans, it’s not made with real dragons.
  • Italian ices with lemon vanilla pizzelles.
  • Herbal spice tea cakes.


Environmentally-friendly Events

Throughout this entire book there is a major slant encouraging party throwers (and goers) to reduce, recycle and reuse. This, along with party plans for natural decor, organic food and active play will help you throw an environmentally conscious party that’s still really fun for everyone. The book highlights great ideas for green events such as saving up used jars and tin cans for decor, re-purposing old clothing into banners, gifts or aprons, shopping for used party goods at thrift stores and using nature as a perfect backdrop for your party, among other tips. Naturally Fun Parties is a book that will inspire you (and help you), year-round, to easily throw wonderful parties and gatherings that your child will remember for a lifetime.

+ Naturally Fun Parties for Kids; Creating Handmade, Earth-Friendly Celebrations for All Seasons and Occasions $11.84

+ Anni Daulter