Gift-wrapping holiday presents is a fun tradition and often one of the most cherished parts of holiday gift-giving. However, as enjoyable and pretty as paper gift-wrapping can be, the practice is inherently unsustainable. Just think of all the paper and ribbon that goes into the trash each holiday season for each present. That’s why we love the idea of wrapping your gifts in silk scarves this holiday season. Not only do scarves make beautiful, easy gift wrap that requires no tape or scissors – but the durability and multiple uses of scarves mean that the gift-wrap itself becomes part of the present that can be worn and reused again and again. Scarves are also easier for little fingers to wrap! BOBO wrapping scarves are silk scarves that are designed for the express purpose of wrapping presents.

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BOBO wrapping scarves are inspired from the Korean and Japanese traditions to wrap and transport goods in scarves. Patricia Lee, founder and creative director of BOBO, found environmental reason to bring this age-old tradition into contemporary times and as an artist, brings a keen eye to creating beautiful textiles that will leave you wanting to use these scarves for years.

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