Hip-hop and heroes and things that are furry. Bikes that go zoom, long-sleeved shirts free from worry. A wacky science show that’s inspiring. These are a few of boys’ favorite things:

Part book on tape (narrated by Grammy winning poet Ursula Rucker), part Broadway show (The story was just optioned by Pablo Piccasso!) the CD takes kids (and parents) on a musical journey that tells the story of 5 best dino friends.

$10 from iTunes

A gift from Heifer’s Gift Catalog will provide animals and training to help families build a better future for themselves and their communities.

$20 to $500 from Heifer International (shares available)

Aquaman is a fictional comic book superhero who appears in DC Comics. Aquaman’s most famous (or infamous) power is his telepathic ability to communicate with/command oceanic life.

$10-$30 from Amazon

A peculiar-looking vehicle – a cross between a scooter and a bicycle called a PEDObike. In Europe it has long conquered parks, sidewalks, the marketplace, and children’s hearts.

$229 from Woodenbike

Hip and trendy mini-rock stars can go green now. Boys will love this hip and trendy shirt from Lola and James, with its vintage rock tee and vintage plaid accents.

$72 from GreenEdge Kids

Radio Lab comes out in seasons of 5 shows. Currently, they are working on shows for Season 5, to come out in November, 2008. Today, Radio Lab is heard around the country on over 150 stations.

$49 plus download time from WNYC

A) Dino 5 CD, (or forego the packaging).

B) Heifer

C) Aquaman

D) PedoBike

E) Trendy Shirt

*Radio Lab, iPod Shuffle