I know what girls like, I know what girls want. They want a dollhouse, and a couture blouse. They want some leggings, they’ll grow some Egglings. They want a princess, sans frilly excess. I know what girls want… girls want… girls want ‘green’.

Innovative in design and production, this futuristic dollhouse has 2 open levels allowing for trouble-free access to the interior, which comes with transparent paneling that can slide from side-to-side.

$120 from Plan Toys

At dressme they make t-shirts and dresses that are handmade from specially selected recycled materials. They are totally unique, original and eco-friendly!

$34.50 from dressme at Etsy

She-Ra is known as the “Princess of Power.” As such, she has superhuman strength, speed and agility, a healing touch, as well as the ability to communicate with animals telepathically.

$29 from Amazon

This impromptu invention protects from many elements, makes diaper changes quick and easy, keeps knees protected while crawling, and provides sun protection.

$14 from BabyLegs

The adorable Nyokki’s grass “hair” grows quickly. Style it, cut it and it grows again! Nyokki! Nyokki! Nyokki! (“grow! grow! grow!”) and that’s what these cheerful pet plants do.

$9 from Eggling

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