Looking for a trusty tote for your child to take to after-school activities? Green Girl World has the most adorable collection of Tiny Tote Bags featuring bold, vibrant, cheery designs on both sides, making them a reversible two-bags-in-one carry-all. Don’t be fooled by the “tiny” part of their name — each sturdy bag measures an ample 13 x 12 inches, making it perfect for carrying a script to theater rehearsals, toting ballet shoes to dance class, a favorite book to the beach, or for collecting some fruit at the farmer’s market! Made in the USA, the collection of tote’s prints range from florals to zoo animals to teepees. The tote’s strap is adjustable — you simply tie it where it fits best, and they’re machine-washable (a total plus)! Additionally, Green Girl World is on a mission to make more than a fashion statement. The company wants to spread the message about sustainable living via their reusable bags, while also making a global impact via their 1-to-1 give program. For each tote bag purchased, Green Girl World donates a durable, multifunctional tote to someone in need.

+ Tiny Tote Bags $35

+ Green Girl World

Photo credits: Craig Blank Photography and Lyn Watanabe