1. Kim Graham-Nye (Co-founder, gDiapers)

2. Beth Shea (Founder, Petite Planet and Senior Editor, Inhabitots)

3. Jill Fehrenbacher Founder & Editor-in-chief, Inhabitots & Inhabitat)

4. Flavia Fazzini (Designer, illustrator, Founder of Petit Eco KIDS)

5. Laura Ray (Designer, Pogoshop)

6. Joe & Amy Sharp (Designers, Little Alouette)

7. Nick and Kimber Christensen (Designers, Little Sapling Toys)

8. Erin Freuchtel (Designer, Imagination Kids)

9. Mari Richards (Founder, Small for Big)

inhabitots 2011 green parenting resolutions, beth shea, inhabitots, petite planet

Beth Shea – Petite Planet & Inhabitots

Living in the one of the rainiest cities in the country makes it difficult to get outside with the kids on a regular basis. So, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get craftier as a mom. I plan on doing more green crafts made out of household objects with my kids. My three year-old is also a yogi in training, and I plan on keeping the emphasis on good, old-fashioned exercise, game playing, and learning how to play a ‘real’ musical instrument instead of plugging my kids into simulations and video games. As a family, we are also going to try to go fully vegan, as I have been doing for the past several months, and we’ll also be avoiding all genetically modified foods in addition to only eating organic fruits and vegetables!

2011 Jill Fehrenbacher from Inhabitots, Green Design Predictions, Green Parenting predictions, green parenting resolution, new years resolution, mom resolution, inhabitots 2011 green parenting resolutions

Jill Fehrenbacher – Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Inhabitots & Inhabitat

This year I’m making the same resolutions that I did last year (I made some progress last year, but not as much as I would like). I’m resolving to unplug and detach from the laptop and phone more and spend more time “unwired”, outdoors in fresh air, engaged in face to face play, activities and conversation with my family. The convenience of cellphones and laptops make them addictive and dangerously time-sucking for me – it is all too easy to whittle away precious hours in googling or reading twitter feeds. I’m resolving to spend at least an hour outside everyday with my son, even in cold weather, because fresh air and activity is so important for kids (and adults). I’m resolving to do more hands-on creative activities with my family this year – less writing on the laptop – and more baking, constructing, cooking, gardening and drawing. My son is just getting to the age where he can participate in activities like this and I firmly believe that “making things” is such an important development activity for young and old alike. It’s a great learning tool for my son, and it revives me as well. So I resolve that 2011 will be the year of of the great unplugging!

inhabitots 2011 green parenting resolutions, gdiapers, kim graham nye

Kim Graham-Nye – gDiapers

There is so much value in face-to-face conversations! And yet I know that extensive air travel leaves a nastily large footprint on our earth and skies. So in 2011 I plan to travel smarter, to really think about the conversations that have to happen face to face versus those that can happen via Skype. That’s on the work front. On the home front I would like to incorporate more local and seasonal foods into my and my family’s diet. The Pacific Northwest is literally just ripe for the picking!

Flavia Fazzini – Petit Eco KIDS

I have just finished reading “Legacy” by David Suzuki and there couldn’t have been a better time for me to read this book. It has made me think about what my legacy will be for my kids and inspired me to keep reducing our family’s eco footprint and striving for a sustainable lifestyle. We have just moved to a new house (the first time we have an outdoor area) so 2011 for us is going to be all about gardening, growing some of our food and composting. I am also planning to start volunteering together with my daughter in our local community garden, something that I am very excited about. We are already very good recyclers but next year I would like to focus on reducing and repurposing more. And of course, continue to enjoy as much time in nature as possible!

inhabitots 2011 green parenting resolutions, laura ray, pogoshop

Laura Ray – Pogoshop

My New Year’s resolution is to slow down. Don’t shovel the snow. Stop and watch it fall. Don’t hurry down that path. Sit on the ground and really see the life I’m tromping across. Listen. Savor. Look. Let nature work it’s magic.

joe sharp, inhabitots 2011 green parenting resolutions, little alouette

Joe & Amy Sharp – Little Alouette

Little Alouette is keen on making even more green changes in 2011! We love our new partnership with a local urban vermacomposting farm One20 Farm for sawdust donations. Little Alouette will teach more workshops in 2011 about recycling and art for kiddos! Our new website will have a parent resource page with LOADS of great info and community for parents of the wee ones who LOVE Little Alouette and natural toys.

inhabitots 2011 green parenting resolutions, little sapling toys, nick and kimber christensen

Nick and Kimber Christensen – Little Sapling Toys

In 2011 our family will be focusing on purchasing a house. This is such a weighty choice not only for personal finances and relationships, but
environmental and social responsibility as well. The greenest house is one that is already built, so we’ll be looking for a used home that fits
the needs of our family and home based business. We are also thrilled to be be able to more fully live the three R’s once we own our own home.

Reduce: A location where we can walk, bike and use public transit; the simple home fixes that are on every top ten list for efficiency; growing
our own food and eating less of processed foods; line drying clothes and diapers.

Reuse: Using sources such as ReStore to set up our home, office and wood shop; reusable napkins, straws, grocery bags, produce bags, etc.

Recycle: Compost; a convenient and thought out recycling system; design and decorate with heavy use of thrift and antique stores.

erin freuchtel, imagination kids, inhabitots 2011 green parenting resolutions

Erin Freuchtel – Imagination Kids

As I look back at the last year and over my craft room I noticed an overwhelming trend. I happen to have numerous half done projects or worse yet piles of supplies without any crafting started at all. So my New Year’s resolution is one of crafting and handmade gift giving. I am resolving to make time to finish or make at least significant strides with one project each week that I have already started or bought supplies for. As a mom of two small children and the primary designer and woodworker of Imagination Kids Toys often times I find myself running short on time and typically one of the activities that falls by the wayside is my creative outlet of crafting. I cannot wait to get crafting again and maybe even bring a bit of organization back to my craft room! So here’s to much crafting time in 2011!

inhabitots 2011 green parenting resolutions, small for big, mari richards

Mari Richards – Small for Big

I used to be a little leary of big New Year’s Resolutions, I find them extra hard to carry out – it seems we all like to fail them together! But I do make big goals for myself as a parent around my daughter’s birthday – the first week of January. So suddenly I’m making resolutions! The big goal this year is to make more meals together as a family. I’ve been eating allergy-free organic foods for years, and I try to do the same for our kiddo. But my husband lags behind a bit and it leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth (Hehe, get it? Bitter taste? Food? I kill myself.). So finding allergy-free meals that everyone will eat has been a mental roadblock for some time now. This year I’m determined to clear it.