The eco-friendly mom’s dilemma: do you take that heavy and expensive stainless steel sippy cup with you on vacation and risk losing it, or bring a cheaper plastic cup that might not be BPA-free? Green Sprouts has a solution for you: corn-based plastic feeding gear that’s biodegradable. It’s light, inexpensive, BPA-free, and even if you do lose it it will break down in a matter of months in the sandbox where you left it. We recently tested the Green Sprouts line extensively to see how long these cups and forks held up to the recommended handwashing or 10 trips through the dishwasher. The result?

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After about 5 trips through the dishwasher on the lower rack (Green Sprouts recommends 10 washes max on the upper rack), the forks were starting to show some wear. But handwashing resulted in no apparent wear, wash after wash. We would recommend handwashing these if you would like to use them long term at home. For on the go they’re perfect: compact, light, and you don’t have to worry about losing a piece under the seat of your rental car. Happy summer vacation, Inhabitots! You can find Green Sprouts products at iPlay Baby Wear, or win a set on 29 Diapers through June 10th.

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