When your baby is starting to sprout teeth, it can be a trying time. Anything and everything will go immediately into your little one’s mouth, and as a concerned parent, you want to help comfort your baby’s achy gums, while trying to ensure that the things going into his mouth are as safe and healthy as possible. There are a ton of eco-friendly teethers out there, but not all of them are going to appeal to your baby. I bought a slew of teething toys at the first sign of teething in my little tot, but none of them have gotten as much action as this cornstarch-based eco-friendly ‘hand’ teething rattle from Greensprouts.

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Maybe the reason this teether rattle was so popular with my son was because it looks like a hand, and my baby loves to chew on his (and other peoples!) hands. Whatever the case, as soon as I put this puppy in my little guy’s hands, he took to it like a dog to a bone. Made from a cornstarch based plastic, this cute little teether is PVC, BPA and toxin free, as well as being biodegradeable and compostable. It’s also filled with little beads, so it doubles as a rattle – making it a veritable baby two-for-one. When your baby gets tired of chewing on it, he can start shaking it for a new round of stimulation.

+ $20 for a set from GreenSprout

Greensprouts is a North Carolina based company making organic and eco-friendly baby gear for modern parents. Check them out at Greensproutsbaby.com

+ Greensproutsbaby.com