Children grow and change so quickly that it’s seemingly impossible to provide stimulating material that doesn’t soon end up in a landfill. But Grow Books provides an eco-friendly alternative to child stimulation by producing compostable books and toys that focus on teaching kids about current social issues. Established earlier this year, the young press offers great material for curious children while maintaining a strong
commitment to the environment. Read on to learn about the toys and books this company dreamed up.

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Produced in small quantities to reduce the amount of waste accumulated, the books and discovery toys are also teaching tools for parents to challenge children’s creativity. With an emphasis on investigation, making, and discovery, the company encourages creative thinking through their range of products. We love the Chicago Doll Houses, which comes with 2 flats, single family homes, storefronts, and multi-unit buildings all made from flat recycled paper board pieces that kids can put together like a 3-dimensional puzzle.

Handmade in Chicago, Illinois, all the books use community labor and sustainable practices and are made using only compostable or recyclable paper made with recycled content. To ensure that customers take full advantage of there environmental aim, they offer a brilliant scheme to recycle or compost every product for their customers, making it even easier to help reduce waste!

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