Who would have thought that sowing heirloom seeds could be this beautiful? Sarah Rainwater has created the ultimate heirloom seed kit for beginner and more experienced gardeners alike. The best part? This particular kit contains seeds for four types of edible flowers (calendula, lemon mint, nasturtium and starflower), so you and your little ones can actually eat what you grow. Edible flowers make amazingly beautiful decorations for cupcakes and sweet treats, but they also pack a powerful visual punch in salads (which may coax more hesitant little ones to give their greens a try). We love that the kit contains a beautiful laser-engraved wooden block for holding the growing vials, biodegradable paper pots for starting the seeds, soil, a wooden crate for housing the flowers, as well as growing instructions and a recipe. Every item is simple yet stunning in design… and just waiting to adorn your windowsill. What a fun project for showing little ones how to start from seed and grow from there!

+ Edible Flower Heirloom Seed Kit $50.00