There’s an abundance of tables designed to accommodate family dinners, and a wide range of small art desks for kids, but Growth Table by designers Tim Durfee and Iris Anna Regn is the first family-sized drawing table we’ve seen — and it’s truly inspiring. Durfee and Regn offer, “Children impulsively and un-selfconsciously indulge in spontaneous mark-making when presented with a place to sit, a rightly-positioned surface, and colorful instruments with which to draw. The Growth Table creates these conditions — but at a range of scales — to also attract older children and adults who share the memory of countless hours of childhood art-making.”

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One of the main intentions behind the design of Growth Table is to “create an instant and inter-generational community united by the simple act of drawing.” Since kids spend such a great deal of time at a desk, to either do homework or pursue creative endeavors, this unique furniture presents an opportunity for a child to be engaged and nurtured in a group setting, as opposed to being isolated at a miniature table or desk of their own. And wouldn’t Growth Table be the ultimate instant setting for home schooling multiple siblings?

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