If you think that your kid is a rock star (and what parent doesn’t), we may have found the perfect instrument for the music-loving peep in your midst. Guitar Softies by The Grateful Thread are an ideal way to let your little one jam and rock out without alienating the tunes-shy neighbors or folks downstairs. Handcrafted out of quality fabric scraps, these super-cute guitar cushions are a sure way to catapult your little one to stardom while also adding cool accents to your interior décor or lounge space.

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Guitar Softies are made by London-based artists and crafters, Jami Gigot and Nicolas Worth, out of superior quality fabrics like snappy polka dot cotton, woven hounds tooth, jammin’ jean, and funky felt. Each guitar cushion is totally unique and embellished with groovy embroidered details. Choose from stellar designs like “The Rebel”, “The Classic”, and “The Rock Star.” Even better, these softies are totally compliant with European and American toy regulations. Jami and Nicolas are not shy about trying to find a savvy way to turn their music-filled life into a full-time gig. They consider themselves to be “crafters inspired by our love of music and the monsters under our bed.”

Guitar Softies are 65 cm (25.5″) in height and are available for 30 ? each through The Grateful Thread’s website.

Now that Inhabitots is more than six months old, we are considering starting up a kid band to help spread the sustainable style message. Hot tunes for the next generation? Grateful Threads is sewing some real music that we can all dig and put on our family play list.

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