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On August 10, 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) International Health Regulations (IHR) Emergency Committee declared an end to the global 2009 H1N1 pandemic. Cut to present-day and state health officials around the country are saying that a resurgence may be resulting in a dramatic rise in flu deaths in children and young and middle-aged adults. Thus far, reported death tolls due to the flu are just a fraction of what they were four years ago according to The Washington Post, but death tolls are still significantly higher than 2013 and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also stated that this particular flu has been killing individuals at epidemic levels since mid-January. The CDC also states that because 2009 H1N1 viruses and seasonal influenza viruses are co-circulating in many parts of the world, it’s likely that the 2009 H1N1 virus will continue to spread for years to come, just like any other regular seasonal influenza virus.

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Pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections and ear infections are examples of flu-related complications, so really, the flu is no small matter, especially if you’re an individual who is more at risk for the flu. The CDC notes that the following populations are more likely to experience flu complications and death due to flu: Children younger than 5, but especially children younger than 2 years old; adults 65 years of age and older; pregnant women; and American Indians and Alaskan Natives. The CDC has some advice about how you and your kids can avoid the flu, especially right now as flu activity is widespread in most of the country and high flu activity is likely to continue for several weeks.

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