Rub-a-dub-dub, what’s floating in your tub? Perhaps one of Friendly Fairies’ handmade wooden boats, which are sea-worthy enough to weather the high seas of your bathwater. Carved in Oregon from solid wood, then wood-burned to create the effect of planks and nails, each one-of-a-kind clipper is hand-embellished with nontoxic paint and triple-finished with a nontoxic sealant.

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The boats, inspired by their real-life counterparts on Oregon’s Willamette River, are just as varied, ranging from mini-tugboats to larger skiffs. Each model even comes with its name burned into the bottom. Armchair military strategists can also sail their armadas across one of Friendly Fairies’ hand-painted boating mats, whether it’s in search of gold doubloons or undiscovered territory.

+ Toy Boats $25-$48

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