Treehouse envy alert! In 1971 in rural Mississippi, an artist and craftsman built a 1,200 square foot magical treehouse as his home and hideaway. Using found objects and materials, and creative inspiration, Johnny Knight built this getaway just 10 minutes outside of downtown Mendenhall, but the atmosphere is more middle-of-nowhere with the house located high on a hill near a creek. For the past forty-five years, the treehouse has been a gathering place for his extended family. Now, twelve years after Johnny’s death, that family made the treehouse an official part of their future as well.

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After Johnny’s death, another artist purchased the home, yet she always welcomed Johnny’s relatives into the space where they had spent their childhoods and enjoyed their family getaways. As the storehouse for fond family memories such as making trails to the nearby creek, eating meals together, and simply enjoying a peaceful respite from the rest of the world, the treehouse obtained a near mythical status among those who visited, and it’s not hard to see why.

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A winding staircase leads into the main area with an additional ladder staircase leading into a loft. The octagonal home’s interior is well-suited to its natural surroundings, with airy, open rooms, plenty of views into the picturesque landscape outside, and wood and stone comprising many of the home’s walls, cabinets, and fireplaces. There’s also a wooden bridge leading to a lookout that appears to be the perfect spot for contemplation and relaxation. One of Johnny’s relatives points out that Johnny created the home “almost like a nest,” and this eclectic, homegrown treehouse strikes the balance between a hodgepodge of materials and influences and thoughtfully curated design elements. When the treehouse’s second owner had to move out last summer, Johnny’s family immediately pounced on the listing and signed the contract within hours, thereby securing this special treehouse in the family for generations to come.

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