If you’re looking for an all wooden, yet less expensive starter dollhouse, look no further than Mama Made Them’s Etsy shop. Mama Made Them has two adorable starter dollhouses, a basic dollhouse and a super cute sun house. Both dollhouses are handcrafted with simple, safely rounded lines with durable solid pine wood, and finished with natural beeswax. The sun house includes a tiny family of four dolls painted with nontoxic watercolors and finished with a water-based lacquer for long lasting protection. Both of these dollhouses are small, so they take up little space (they even fit on a basic bookshelf) yet they still offer enough room for pretend furniture and lots of imaginative play.  The homes do not come with furniture, but Mama Made Them has some nice furniture in her shop.

+ Wooden Dollhouse $100.00

+ Sun House $40.00

+ Mama Made Them