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The action-packed collection of capes and caps was inspired by Huerta’s 3 year-old, Clementine. Mother and daughter shared a love of playing dress-up and make believe, so the home goods designer decided to use her popular line to outfit her growing superhero. Clementine specifically loved to play “flying” with her father, so Huerta designed pieces that would enhance her daughter’s experience. The #PlayHard collection includes a colorful array of capes adorned with stars, tigers and unicorns and soft helmet-like caps affixed with wings, to of course assist in simulated “flying.” Matching colorful wrist cuffs complete the superhero look.

As a child, Huerta spent hours making forts and costumes for play, which inspired her as an adult to become a designer. The eclectic collection fosters creativity, encouraging children to embrace their wild imaginations and make believe. With Huerta’s costumes, the designer hopes that parents will allow their children to explore their imaginations, without turning to television or digital devices for entertainment.

Huerta now sells her handmade superhero costumes on Etsy, and she is also open to custom orders to boast your little superhero’s specific special powers.

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