Cabbages & Kings was created by Alexandra Gizela after she gave birth to her first child. When searching for warm, fashionable clothing to dress her baby for winter she felt “bombarded with scratchy wools and lifeless fleeces.” Gizela asked herself, “Why not design and make what I’m searching for? As they say- if you want it done right, do it yourself!” With regard to her collection she offers, “Customers will initially be drawn to the uniqueness of the line, but will ultimately be won over by the versatility and quality of each piece.”

In addition to your kids looking great in Cabbages & Kings, you can feel great knowing that the company strongly supports fair trade with the goal of building bridges between treasured artisans and responsible consumers.

+ Infinity Scarves $88

+ Leg/Arm Warmers $59

+ Cabbages & Kings