Finding eco-friendly games to play as a green family can be a challenge. Eco-clothing, food, books and other toys are abundant, but greener games are seriously few and far between — which is just one reason why we love Funny Farm Toy Barn. These are the folks who brought us the delightful wooden boggle game and now they’ve designed a game especially for all those pinball wizards at your house. The Handmade Wooden Pinball Game is a super fun idea gone green. Made not with plastic, but real Ponderosa Pine wood, this pinball game will outlast all the other cheaply made plastic versions you typically see. The set is realistic and playable, with rubber bouncers, wooden score keeper sliders, rubber band powered flipper paddles, curved deflectors and a bonus ball tipper. The set comes with two playing balls so once it arrives your family can challenge each other to some friendly pinball competitions right away. See a video of this game in action!

+ Handmade Wooden Pinball Game $250.00

+ Funny Farm Toy Barn