Though the Mindstorms sub-brand of the LEGOLAND empire is specifically intended to catalyze complex thoughts in the minds of young builders, adults love getting in on the game. And this Time Twsiter clock, with its self-solving Rubix algorithm designed by Hans Andersson, is a prime example of grown-up trigonometrical tinkering at work. Click through to see a video of the masterpiece working.

The truly mesmerizing clock is built from two LEGO Mindstorms bricks that communicate via Bluetooth. Each digit is made up of layers of black and white tiles that can rotate 360 degrees before it hooks to the next layer. The desired digit is displayed by twisting the top layer back and forth in a particular pattern.

For all the posts I write about LEGOs, I must admit that my son is not really big on the bricks. If he were, I’d hope that maybe one day he’d think up something as clever as Time Twister.

+ LEGO Mindstorms Digital Clock