Beth Shea

We’ll be celebrating Earth Day this year by enjoying the great outdoors. Both of my children adore being out in nature, playing at the park, going on hikes and visiting botanical gardens — so we’ll hope for agreeable weather and get out and soak up the sunshine. We’ll also be planting a small indoor garden to hone all of our green thumbs and relish the literal fruits of our labor.

Jennifer Chait

Earth Day 2011 will be much like every other day  for us. We try to live green year-round, so celebrating Earth Day with a particular eco-activity or goal is a bit arbitrary. Tomorrow we’ll likely head out for a hike at Multnomah Falls or maybe Hoyt Arboretum (where Cedar is pictured above) – but we’d do that anyway. We try to get outside every day – rain or shine. In fact, I’d encourage other families to get outside as well. Kids today are stuck inside for depressingly large amounts of time. We cannot raise kids with zero nature exposure, and yet, in the same breath, expect them to care about the earth and green living, It doesn’t work that way. What’s the point of a holiday that celebrates the earth, when there’s no one outside enjoying said earth? Earth Day, and maybe even green living, is going to end up being a moot point soon.

That said, I suppose I have a little Earth Day wish – I really wish that every family would make the choice to head outside for a hike, a bike ride or just a run around the park. Get outside today, tomorrow and the next day too!  Choices we make right now will be the difference between the next generation either loving or ignoring nature and the planet.

Jennie Lyon

My family tries to live our life as if every day is Earth Day. As luck would have it, this April 22nd my son, Eben has the day off from school. Yay! Since everyone is super conscious of our impact on the environment on Earth Day, we decided that it will be the perfect opportunity to inspire others with our love and appreciation for our planet. We are planning to spend Earth Day surrounded by Mother Nature’s beauty at one of our favorite local beaches (big surprise)! However, instead of simply playing in the sun, sand, and surf, we are planning to spend the time cleaning up our coastline. Our hope is that we can remove some of the garbage that blows in, washes up, or is left behind on our beaches everyday – preventing it from drifting out to sea and poisoning our water, land, wildlife and community, while encouraging others at the beach to join us in the clean-up and to make eco-friendly changes in their own life.

Julie Knapp

Every Earth Day I like to start my container garden so I have fresh veggies throughout the summer. This year I’ll plant tomatoes, spinach, and bell peppers — all the makings of my favorite daily salad. Of course my dog and I will also head to our local park and marvel at the way spring is blooming right before our eyes (or more so nose for my pup) with lots of gorgeous pink flowering cherry trees. I’ve also been meaning to donate money to the parks I recently visited with my dad in Africa (you can see us above at Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater), so Earth Day will be the day to give the Maasai Mara and the endangered black rhinos some donation love.

Marni Fogelson-Teel

As cheesy as it may sound, we really do try to make Earth Day every day in our family.  I think it’s important that Elijah understands that recycling, being vegan, carefully choosing the clothes and food and toys we buy, etc are a part of our lifestyle and not something we do just to signify one special day.  It’s been pretty rainy around Philadelphia lately, so I think we can look forward to lots of jumping in puddles on this Earth Day.  If the sun comes out, we’ll head to the backyard to work in our garden, go for a walk, or make a trip to the park.

Jenny Tranter

At my house in Melbourne, Australia we try and make Earth Day every day in the small efforts we take to tread a little lighter on our planet. But the day dedicated to celebrating Earth Day is the day we make that little extra special effort to show our appreciation. As the winter chill sets in Downunder and the leaves start to fall off the trees, my garden is an absolute mess and in much need of TLC ! So this year we will be spending the day in the garden – Hubby, 3 kids, the dog and I will all be tending to the weeds, picking up the leaves (some spared for art projects), freshening up the worm farm, and cleaning out our water tank filters ready to cope with the coming rain….and Easter Bunny. Bliss.

Micaela Preston

Aaaahh Spring! When the cold snow finally melts, the bright green grass peeks out and cheerful flowers start to bloom. Unfortunately something else is uncovered when the snow melts in our urban neighborhood – TRASH!! I often wonder where the stuff comes from – I don’t personally know anyone who litters, but in an urban setting it somehow manages to accumulate. Each year, Earth Day marks the beginning of trash pick-up season. Our neighborhood organization holds an annual litter pick-up day – they provide the bags and gloves and host a cookout. My two boys help pick up trash on our way to and from the bus stop as well. It’s important to me that my kids learn to care about the environment and help keep their neighborhood clean!

Lead Image: Loren Javier via Flickr