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Happy Earth Day! How will you spend the day celebrating and savoring Mother Nature with your family? Read on to see what the Inhabitots writers and editors are doing on Earth Day 2012 for a little inspiration. Still need more ideas? Check out our 8 easy Earth Day activities for kids of all ages.

beach babes, beth shea, earth day

Beth Shea

This year we’ll be celebrating by hitting the beach — our very favorite destination in nature. We love collecting seashells, watching the hermit crabs burrow holes in the sand, and just gazing at the vast ocean — the ultimate reminder of how small we are in contrast, and how it is our duty to protect the earth.

marni fogelson-teel, earth day, kids on beach

Marni Fogelson-Teel

Since Earth Day is on a weekend this year, we hope to make it to a local event celebrating the day in addition to working on our own backyard planting beds. We’ll definitely plan to spend Earth Day outside. The kids love doing anything out there – having picnics, digging in the dirt, taking our dog for walks, and going to the park.

Michelle lloyd, earth day, gardening, gardening with kids

Michelle Lloyd

On Earth Day this year, our family will finish planting our organic garden that we’ve been working on. We are also starting a compost bin.

jennie lyon, earth day, boy on beach, sea urchin

Jennie Lyon

My family plans to spend Earth Day doing our annual beach cleanup! It combines everything that we love – the ocean, being outside together and cleaning up our Earth. It’s really the best way to spend Earth Day!

devon, biking, Aeolian Ride, earth day

Desmond Williams

Normally we take it really easy on Earth Day, taking part in one of the many group activities around the city that are meant to celebrate the understanding that we need to actively participate in the healing of the environment. This year though our son will be participating in a special event called the Aeolian Ride. It’s the first time the ride will be modified for kids and he has been testing the suits made by our close friend Jessica Findley (see picture above).