Our Tofurkey is in the oven, the vegan pumpkin muffins have been baked, and we can’t wait to finish off the meal with little cupcake-sized apple pies made from local fruit. So now we’d like to take a moment to reflect on what we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving and we hope you do the same with your families. We’re grateful for you, our readers, of course, who keep coming back to read Inhabitots, but that’s not all. Read on to see what else we’re thankful for this year.

Happy Thanksgiving from Inhabitat

I am grateful this year for my amazing family, especially my brilliant & supportive husband Peter, and my little dinosaur baker Petey, who keeps me on my toes and always growing, learning, and striving to be a better person. I’m also grateful for New York City (best city in the world), Tofurkey, good health, and the Inhabitots editorial team (see below), and especially the Inhabitots readers, who keep us going. Thank you! — Jill Fehrenbacher

I am most grateful for my little pumpkins — who bring laughter, adventure and unconditional love to my life every day, and who help me evolve into a better person and mother with their pure, childlike wisdom. — Beth Shea

I am most thankful for Jayson, my wonderful husband and Eben, my amazing son. They both have taught me so much and waking up to their smiling faces everyday is the joy of my life. I am also thankful for my family’s good health, the ocean, dogs, bicycles, fair trade tea and that I get to spend everyday doing what I love as my job – what could be better than that? — Jennie Lyon

I am grateful for my two healthy, bright boys. I’m grateful for all of the neighbors and friends who have gathered around us through a challenging year of reconfiguring our family. I’m grateful for Inhabitots allowing me a way to feel that I’m making a small difference to our planet. Finally, I’m grateful for those unexpected moments in life when a deer crosses your path and looks up at you, or a friend phones just when you were sure you were friendless, or when a yoga teacher says–open your heart and you remember that best part of yourself, or the cashier at Target says, “Hey even though I only make $7.99 an hour I’m lucky to have a job these days,” and you are reminded of how much you have to be grateful for. — Pamela Weymouth

I’m thankful for my husband (we’re celebrating our first Thanksgiving as a married couple this year!). As usual, we are hosting Thanksgiving for a few friends. I feel lucky that 2011 has been such an amazing year so far. This photo is from our honeymoon, watching the sunset on top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. I’m grateful for all of the wonderful possibilities in our future, our great friends, and our loving families. I’m also thankful for my dog who makes every day working at home as a freelancer brighter! — Julie Seguss

Lead image © bosela via SXU