I’m grateful for my little munchkin, Petey, who is the light of my life, and who is teaching me so much. I’m also thankful for my family’s good health, as well as pumpkins, chestnuts, tofu banh mi and PlanToys. Finally I’m so thankful to our Inhabitots readers for paying attention to our bouncing baby blog, and for providing so much insight and inspiration into the journey of parenting. Thank you! — Jill Fehrenbacher

I am most grateful for the birth of our healthy, vibrant son in August, and for our daughter who enchants and entertains us nonstop. My family is my world, and I am thankful that my children chose me to be their mother and guide in life, and that my husband and I share this path. I am also appreciative of my job, writing about green living because it keeps me knowledgeable about ways to help the health of my family and the planet, while educating others to do the same. — Beth Shea

I’m thankful for my family, especially my husband, who talks me off the ledge every day, and the funniest little girl in the universe, who despite her crankier periods, makes every moment worthwhile. — Jasmin Malik Chua

I’m grateful for my husband-to-be who makes every day that much better, and for the sure to be wonderful little wedding we’re planning that’s only 6 months away. I’m thankful for every day I get to take my dog Leo to Prospect Park and watch the seasons change beautifully before my eyes. (Leo is thankful that he gets to run free in the park and for the fact that he is still our only baby.) And I’m also grateful for all the little things that make my world go round — good friends, amazing family, cupcakes, sunshine, inspiring work, and IntenSati, which keeps gratitude in my heart on the 364 days of the year that are not Thanksgiving. — Julie Knapp

I am thankful for my amazing husband Jayson and my fantastic son Eben, who make everyday a joy. I am thankful that my family is healthy, happy and in a warm climate. I’m grateful that my husband and I found a fabulous eco-friendly Montessori school for Eben – a school that embraces his individuality while teaching him the important of friendship, responsibility and his impact on the environment. I am also thankful for fair trade coffee, bicycles, pomegranates, the beach, my planner, latkes with organic sour cream and snuggle time with my boys. — Jennie Lyon

I am most thankful for my amazing family. My husband and I are blessed with two little girls and my stepson who is almost a man now. I give thanks for my parents who instilled in me to enjoy every day as it is our last and to celebrate something every day. Even through the harder life lessons along the way, we still give thanks. We’ve had another wonderful year together as a family. I am so thankful for that. — Francia McCormack

I’m grateful for my entire family, but I’m particularly thankful for Dave and our hilarious, creative kids – Cedar, Jade and Katana – they keep life interesting. I’m happy that I live in a city like Portland that’s full of music, coffee, rain and books. I’m very thankful for the continued growth people have in eco-issues, because it means I get to make a living writing about it. Most of all I try to be grateful for the little things – good health, walks to the park, first coffee of the day and all those tiny things that just make life better.  — Jennifer Chait