Soon enough kids may be able to print their own 3D printed toys. Hasbro, the makers of everything from Transformers to My Little Pony toys just signed a partnership with the 3D printing company 3D Systems. The two companies announced they’re now working together to create “play printers and platforms for printers.” The announcement was light on details but the new 3D printing centric playthings would revolve around the “the entirety of Hasbro’s world-renowned brands.”

3D Systems Cube Printer

It’s exciting news as Avi Reichental, President and CEO of 3D Systems alluded that the partnership would “jointly define, shape and lead the entire digital play space, powered by 3D printing,” Besides 3D printers having the ability to let practically anyone make everything to their heart’s content, 3D printing is still a very new and interesting technology that slowly making its way into homes and business everywhere.

If the plan is to put low-cost 3D printers in the homes of families everywhere, 3D Systems could provide a great platform for parents, teachers, and kids alike to design, print, and purchase toys and board games. A Hasbro 3D printer in more homes could also change up the way toys are made in questionably safe and environmentally harmful overseas factories.

In the last few years 3D printers shifted from being a closed off technology marvel thanks to affordable printers. Add in the online 3D model databases that are available and it’s now a simpler matter of finding a design you like and clicking print. More recently 3D scanners including 3D Systems Sense and the MakerBot 3D scanner have made it even easier for anyone including kids to create 3D objects for home fabrication.

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